Tickets for the famed Great American Beer Festival have always been expensive, however, for years and years it's been the mecca for craft beer lovers in Colorado to try new, experimental brews from their favorite breweries. So, essentially, they're #worthit.

Thanks to the new, virtual version of the event this year, participants only have to drop around $20 for an all-new online passport that will offer discounts at participating breweries. The deal only lasts until October 18.

It's GABF's 39th year, and first year going virtual...and hopefully only year going virtual. According to The Know from Denver Post, GABF generated around $35 million for the local economy last year, which is incredible. While this year's event might not bring forth that amount of cash, it will bring forth beer lovers far and wide, and continue to support the Brewers Association.

Liquor sales may be up thanks to the pandemic, but beer isn't faring so hot, with craft beer sales down 5-10%. You can grab your passport here or support your local breweries by raising a glass this weekend in the craft beer capital of the world.

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