I forgot my breakfast the other morning. Okay, lets be honest, I forget my breakfast almost every morning. Which means for most mornings, my morning meal is a stop at the gas station to grab a hand-held something. But I was feeling particularly hungry yesterday. So I took a trip to Mi Tierra, a quaint little Mexican restaurant in a shopping center in Windsor.

I grabbed myself a breakfast burrito in hopes of eating something that was a safe bet. Well, not only was it a safe bet, but an absolute treat. Most importantly, it was huge. People are always looking for the best value for their dollar, and this was absolutely it. I think my favorite part of this particular breakfast burrito was not just the basics (eggs, potatoes, bacon, and cheese) but that they put the green chile inside the burrito, too.

Finally, for as large as this burrito was and with the green chile on the inside, getting towards the end meant that it started to fall apart. It was just a hot mess of a breakfast burrito and I loved it.


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