A new year brings a fresh start. 365 days to get things done, 365 days to make the community better. 'What if?' becomes the mantra. As Loveland looks ahead to 2022, let's look at 22 things the city could use.

Nobody gets a thrill with the idea of change, but things do, indeed, change, like it or not. It wasn't that long ago that there wasn't The Foundry in Downtown; it was just 'Downtown,' with old buildings. Some didn't like (and still don't) that The Foundry was created, 'gentrifying' Downtown. But The Foundry has become a great spot for entertainment, community events, dining and more.

I think back to when there were a bunch of houses along Taft that had to be removed to widen Taft, because traffic on the thoroughfare had necessitated the 'razing' of those homes. Hardly anyone thinks about those homes anymore as they cruise along Taft in that area.  In the blink of an eye things can look different.

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Who knows exactly how different Loveland will look at the end of 2022, compared to the end of 2021? Additions, subtractions, moves. What will the new year bring to The Sweetheart City?

I've put together a list of things that Loveland could use in 2022. It's a mostly 'fun' list of businesses we could use. The list also contains items that I've heard Lovelanders saying the city really needs.

The odds are not huge that any item on the list will come to fruition by the end of 2022, and that's OK for a lot of the items;  a few, though, might help the city and its citizens so much that they get implemented within the 365 days.

Let's take a look.

From Parking to Illegal Pete's, 22 Things Loveland Needs in 2022

As Loveland looks at 2022, let's look at 22 things the city could use.

Maybe we need to talk about The Outlets in 2022? There are only these 15 shops there.

The Outlets at Loveland opened in 1994, and was a real 'hot spot' in its day. 27 years later, here in the fall of 2021, things have cooled, but stores remain.

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