The Northern Colorado Concert Band is a group of adult musicians, who claim they ‘have always stayed band kids’, and they’re putting on a free concert Sunday night- with a BONUS!

Patrick Herrera, ThinkStock
Patrick Herrera, ThinkStock

I believe one of my ex-girlfriends joined this group, playing the flute, when they were the Fort Collins Concert Band. They are the Northern Colorado Concert Band, and they look like a lot of fun. They are very casual- they don’t have assigned seats, and they sometimes dress goofy.

Sunday night (Dec 10, 2017), they’re putting on of the only four shows they do a year- their FREE ‘Winter Celebration of Community’ concert. It will be held at Ridgeview Classical Schools, off of Lemay and Stuart in Fort Collins starting at 7 p.m.

They’ll perform a diverse range of styles, from renaissance medleys to Star Wars to good ol' Sleigh Bells! BONUS! If you attend, you’ll have the chance at winning tickets to see ‘A Christmas Story’ at the Midtown Arts Center! They’ll also be serving up a bunch of refreshments after the concert!

It’ll be a great holiday night-out for the whole family, join in! Get more on the show and the Northern Colorado Concert Band HERE!

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