You’ve seen the movie hundreds of times. Have you seen the MUSICAL version of ‘A Christmas Story?’ We triple-dog-dare you to check it out!

Playbill Video/YouTube
Playbill Video/YouTube

The show sold-out last year, so you better hurry if you’re looking for a different take on the Christmas classic- ‘A Christmas Story’ playing in Fort Collins. ‘A Christmas Story – The Musical’ is playing now through the end of December at the Midtown Arts Center (formerly Carousel Dinner Theater.)  I can’t remember the last time I checked out dinner theater – I think high school.  This would be a very fun night (or afternoon) out!

It’s not just the great story about a kid in Cleveland who really wants a BB gun for Christmas. It’s singing! It’s dancing! There will still be the leg lamp and the pink bunny pajamas; I wonder if they’ll serve duck!

They did sell out all the performances in 2016, so get your tickets quick!

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