Fort Collins Police Services needs your help finding a thief whose victims 'include plants, trees, and wearers of open-toed shoes.' In one of their typical, witty Facebook posts, the police searched for our stolen spring weather.

Elnur Amikishiyev/ThinkStock

Oh, Fort Collins Police Services social media manager -- who are you? We always get a kick out of your Facebook posts -- Feline Unit, the rocks-in-Pants guy, the robbery poem... just to name a few.

Today, as we all shoveled walkways and brushed snow from our windshields like it was December (instead of almost June), our local police force asked us for help finding a thief...

Laced with a friendly reminder, the post reads: 'In the meantime, police urge citizens to take caution while driving and leave extra time for travel. Roads remain wet, and snow is accumulating in different parts of town.'