It's been a ruff past couple of days for one of the Fort Collins Police K9 officers, after the 6-year-old German Shepherd was faced with a medical emergency on Sunday night, which left him in critical condition. 

Last week, Yago underwent a successful surgery in order to remove a benign tumor from his hip. According to the Fort Collins Police Services Facebook page, following Yago's procedure, the pup then started to experience mesenteric torsion, which is described as spontaneous flipping and twisting of the intestines. When this happens, it's almost always fatal for canines, being that it actually cuts off blood supply to the digestive tract and causes tissue to die off quickly. Poor Yago was taken to the vet late Sunday night and had to have emergency surgery, of which he's now healing from. As a result of the mesenteric torsion, the dog's digestive tract was extensively damaged and most of his small intestine had to be removed. While it will take some time for Yago to recover completely, Fort Collins Police are extremely lucky to still have their furry friend on the force, as officials say nearly 90% of dogs that even make it to surgery for this issue end up passing away on the table. Many officers came to visit Yago while he was being hospitalized, and his handler, Officer Dollar stayed by his side the whole time. Unfortunately, he'll probably have some complications that will effect him long-term, however once Yago is back to feeling better, officers believe he will eventually be able to return to doing his job.

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