Breastfeeding is what mammals do. We are mammals. I understand sometimes there are challenges. However, for premature babies, human milk has been proven to be lifesaving. There is an organization devoted to this and they are looking to raise awareness and boost donations of breast milk for those babies in the NICU. The Best for Babes Foundation has their Miracle Milk Stroll coming up on Saturday, May 14th at City Park.

From the Fort Collins Miracle Milk Stroll Facebook Page:

The Best for Babes® Foundation announces the 2016 Miracle Milk® Stroll: the third annual worldwide stroll to raise awareness of the lifesaving power of human milk in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and boost donations of milk. On May 14, 2016, thousands of parents, friends, families and community members will gather in parks, malls, and streets around the globe. Participants will stroll to help save the lives of premature and fragile babies by increasing awareness of and access to a mother’s own milk and donor milk in the NICU. Please go to our Facebook page and click on attending : Colorado Fort Collins Miracle milk Stroll ( )
Official registration can be done at and we do have some sponsored registrations on a first come basis!
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