Bruce Springsteens ‘Born to Run’ album took a year to produce; all that time was worth it, as that album helped to make him famous. The last song on the album is celebrated by The Elizabeth Hotel!

Ilya S. Savenok, Getty Images

The new The Elizabeth Hotel in Downtown Fort Collins is something to behold. It’s fancy and ‘hip’ at the same time! One thing that carries throughout The Elizabeth, is the love of music. They have record players in every room! They also have a live music venue – Magic Rat Live Music.

‘Magic Rat’ is one of the characters in one of Bruce Springsteen signature songs, ‘Jungleland.’ It’s the last song on his ‘Born to Run’ album from 1975. This was Bruce’s third album, and it was a make-or-break project from the record label’s point of view; Bruce’s as well. Needless to say, the album did just fine.

It’s fun, as a Springsteen fan, to see Jungleland celebrated in Downtown Fort Collins.  They have some of the lyrics on the wall (I’m trying to see if there is a code is their usage of red letters!) The also have ‘Jungleland’ theme drinks – ‘The Rat Tail’, ‘Jersey Mule’ and ‘Jungleland’, for example.

Dave Jensen, TSM

I highly recommend checking out a show at Magic Rat Live Music. You just never know- The Elizabeth seems like JUST the kind of place that ‘The Boss’ might stay at, and why wouldn’t he want to check out some live music?