I keep an eye on this building because I used to work there between 1990 and 1997. I was an employee of NCR, just off of Horsetooth on Timberline, which became Symbios Logic.  LSI Logic ended up buying Symbios Logic, and then Avago bought out LSI. Whew. That’s a lot of changes.  Now, the building that was used to manufacture computer chips is getting ready to be something new.

“The Plant.” That’s usually how I refer to my previous ‘career.’ In my 20s, I worked at ‘The Plant.’ It was NCR. We made computer chips. I actually kind of liked the job: It wasn’t really hard and it paid pretty well. You just had to put up with wearing one of those ‘Bunny Suits’ to protect the circuits. We’d work three 12-hour shifts on the weekends when I started (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). That left four days off each week for us to screw around and blow all that money we were making!  Seven years later, the industry started downsizing, and I got out before they shut the doors for good. I got my job here at 600 Main Street in Windsor, in 1997.  Of course, the doors did stay open (for the most part) until 2014.

The building has sat empty for a couple of years since Avago bought out LSI Logic, and I’ve wondered what they’d ever do with it. Turns out, the new owners of the property (paying almost $6M) are going to turn the site into a multi-tenant office building. Instead of just one employer using the entire 158,000 square feet, it will house several businesses.

At the radio station, we’re always talking about getting a new building. Wouldn’t it be weird if we moved into that office building?

Get more detail on the story from Denver Business Journal, HERE

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