I always get a kick out of coffee table books. They are a great way to showcase a person's interests- airplanes, Hollywood legends, golf, lighthouses, art... The list goes on and on.

It also goes without saying, that when somebody mentions a coffee table book, people often think of that classic one that Kramer on Seinfeld published.

Well now, the coffee table book Colorado has been waiting for has arrived: a coffee table book about Colorado breweries!

Colorado enjoys craft beer!
Dave Jensen, TSM

We do love our craft beer in Colorado, there's no doubt. With over 350 craft breweries in the state, it was about time that somebody came up with the idea of a coffee table book ABOUT Colorado breweries!

It was a couple of years ago that photographer Dustin Hill and his wife Marcia came up with the idea of visiting a bunch of Colorado breweries, getting some fantastic photos and making a coffee table book out of the project. They called it The Brewtography Project. That project is now complete, and can be sitting on YOUR coffee table!

'Discovering Colorado Breweries- The Brewtography Project' costs only $50! It has 232 pages of what I can only imagine are beautiful photographs of... beer. Sweet, sweet, Colorado beer and the crafters behind those beers. The project visited about 70 breweries- even a couple here in Northern Colorado - Horse & Dragon and Odell are featured! I'm going to guess that this will be a series- after all, there are more and more breweries popping up all the time!

The book is available at a dozen craft breweries in the state including Horse & Dragon and Odell'sand you can purchase it online.

I, myself, need to rush out and purchase a coffee table first. This one does NOT turn into one, like Kramers!

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