Pickleball around Colorado has picked up considerably over the last few years, but it's also picked up some detractors. How about we look at something different?

Forget about having to worry about the noise of a pickleball court; forget about paying a lot of money to belong to a pickleball indoor court; Feather Bowling could be coming to Colorado, as a new way to have fun.

What is Feather Bowling?

It's like bocce ball; It's like bowling; it's kind of like horseshoes.

Players roll what look like wooden wheels of cheese down a lane that's convex, towards a feather that's sticking out of the lane.

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Like in curling, the idea is to get your wheels closest to the feather while keeping your opponents away from it.

How Long Has Feather Bowling Been Around?

It dates back to before the 20th century in Belgium. So, it's not an ancient game, and it's not brand new, either. Because the lane is convex, players are known to say that the game is easy to learn, but hard to master.

Where Do They Play Feather Bowling in America, Now?

In Detroit Michigan, there is neighborhood restaurant/bar, The Cadieux Cafe. which opened in 1933 with Feather Bowling.

The Cadieux Cafe in Detroit
Google Maps

They host league nights three nights a week. When there aren't leagues "open" feather bowling rates range from $35 to $55 per hour.

 Where in Colorado Might Feather Bowling Be a Good Fit?

According to ZipAtlas.com, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins both have some large Belgian communities, but it is a game for everyone, it could go anywhere in Colorado.

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