I have been a fan of "The Walking Dead" since the series first started, which is close to five years ago. I still can't believe the show has been on for that long, and that I have been a fan of Rick and his crew since the beginning.

When it was announced that there would be a new spinoff series called "Fear the Walking Dead", I kept my expectations low.

There was no way they could do another zombie show that matched TWD. Right?

There was no way I could get invested in the characters that another zombie show would create. I kept telling myself that.

However, I have now learned that I can be sucked into the new spinoff. And love it just as much as I love the original.


The show has been on for two weeks now, and follows a family who are one of the first ones to see the zombie apocalypse take shape. It also follows the civil unrest that we never saw in the original TWD series and it makes you ask yourself..."WHAT WOULD YOU DO"?

Me? I'd stock up on as much cafeteria food I could, find the nearest operational bunker, and hold myself out there for as long as I needed.

Of course...if someone was down there with me and passed away...guess my time to become a delicacy would be true.

So here's my question for you...

Are you falling in love with the new series like me? Or are you already "zombied" out and ready for the next Pixar flick to come to fruition?