Some are easy, some are not so. Visit Estes Park has assembled 20 questions regarding the town and Rocky Mountain National Park. Give it go.

I do like a good quiz, so when I saw that Visit Estes Park has posted one, I had to check it out. I knew going in that, though I grew up in and live in Loveland, my knowledge of Estes is not as good as it probably should be.

But, then again, maybe that's the point: to gain more information about the town and the park, to become better interested in visiting. Well played, Estes Park, well played. They even encourage you to visit on Tuesday nights, because that the night of the American Legion's trivia night.

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#5 was a toughy for me, even though they give you a hint:

Which mountain peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park are named for their distinctive shapes? Hint: there are three and they all end in “top”.

Answer: Flattop, Knobtop and Notchtop

A couple of easy ones:

True or false. Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park are the same.


An Estes Park favorite sweet-treat one might expect to find more readily in a seaside town.

Visit Estes Park doesn't say that there's a prize for getting them all correct, but maybe you'll have enough knowledge to win during the next round of trivia at the American Legion.

Check out the quiz HERE.

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