We were sent a copy of the 2015 Paisley Park remastering of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ album. On vinyl. ‘Very cool!’ we shouted. Then, it came to us- a purple turntable would be perfect for this!

Dave Jensen, TSM

‘Purple Rain’ is as iconic an album as any in the 1980s. It always comes up at or near the top of the list of greatest albums of all time. As soundtracks go, it’s phenomenal.

With the passing of Prince in April of 2016, all things Prince seem ‘must have.’ When we received ONE vinyl copy of the album (the 2015 Paisley Park remastering, overseen by Prince), it was a big ‘Wow.’ We thought if WE were excited about it, our listeners would be just as eager to get their hands on it! It even comes with the original poster!

A lot of folks no longer have record players or turntables to play vinyl records, so we figured we'd better throw one in. Low and behold, a glittery purple portable turntable was available! This a nice portable unit, too: It comes with a ‘line-in’ function for your mobile devices and Bluetooth capabilities- along with the classic turntable!

Innovative Technologies


So, we have in our possession, ‘Purple Rain’ and a purple turntable- for YOU to win!

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Good Luck!


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