Monday’s are rough enough as it is. This next week, it’ll be super terrible in Loveland, as they start work on Eisenhower.


Medians, medians, medians. It seems they're just not satisfied until there are medians everywhere!  Loveland is no exception, as they’ll be installing a new one at Eisenhower Boulevard and Boyd Lake Avenue.  What this means to you, is traffic hassles.

Starting Monday, March 20, the City of Loveland will be shutting down lanes in that area to begin the work on the median. On the bright side, they’ll be working outside of work-travel hours. The lanes closures will happen between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  The speed limit will also be only 45 mph through there, so you may want to avoid the area completely.

Good luck out there, road warriors!

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