Following the tragic deaths of three Eagle County men due to an avalanche in San Juan County earlier this month, one man has started a movement to help the families of the victims.

The man, Cameron Douglas, who is the owner of Vail's Montauk and El Segundo restaurants, reached out to numerous restaurants in the Vail Valley to propose that a portion of every beer from Eagle's Bonfire Brewery sold at the establishments be donated to a fund that would aid families of the three victims, and it's going quite well.

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Bonfire Brewery has been an Eagle, Colorado staple for several years and, unfortunately, the owner, Andy Jessen was one of the victims of the avalanche that took the lives of these men. Other victims include Seth Bossung and Adam Palmer, also of Eagle County.

Not only have numerous restaurants and bars that sell the Bonfire beers climbed aboard the movement but following the announcement, the beers have been flying off of the shelves due to the increased support of locals to raise money for the families that tragically lost their loved ones in the avalanche.

Additionally, Douglas has put together a nearly week-long event to further the support for the victims' families called the 'Gather 'Round Week' which will take place from March 1st through March 7th.

At the time of the men's untimely deaths, Bonfire Brewing was in the process of opening a second brewery, but the progress was halted due to the tragedy that took place.

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