What's the harm in a drone?

Well, not much, unless you are flying a plane or helicopter, or are traveling in one.

Drones are super cool, they take great photos and videos and show us things we couldn't otherwise see, but if one were to be sucked into the engine of a plane or hit either rotor on a helicopter, disaster could occur.

Drones around wildfire areas have caused fire crews to suspend operations until the drone could be cleared for the safety of the helicopter crew, and the firefighters on the ground who could be in danger if the chopper crashed.

Of real concern are the neighborhoods and areas around airport, as most planes are only in danger of collision with drones during takeoff and landing.

There have already been three times as many reports of close calls this year as there have been in the last few years. Over 200 sightings of drones by pilots were reported in 2014, there have already been over 600 sightings this year, and we're just over half way through.


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