With all the injuries they've had in just the first two weeks, the Denver Broncos are looking at a tough season. Meanwhile, former Jaguar Blake Bortles has been picked to help out.

Von Miller, Courland Sutton and Drew Lock are all among those who've sustained some hurt so far this season. The injury list for the Denver Broncos isn't pretty, when it comes to the quarterback position, Denver appears to need to add some more ammunition to cover for Lock.

They do have Jeff Driskel, who came in during the Steelers game after Lock went down. The Broncos also have Brett Rypien on the practice squad, but according to 9News, they'll be signing former Jacksonville Jaguars starter Blake Bortles.

He's currently going through COVID-19 testing; if it all works out, they could sign Bortles on Friday to a one-year contract and he could play on Sunday against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Bortles. Wow.

The Broncos organization has a lot of folks making a lot more that I do to make these kinds of decisions; I hope it's the right one.

[Source: 9News]

If there's one person I know that would be excited about this, it's Jason from 'The Good Place.'

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