Did you know that, according to the City of Loveland, "Downtown" runs from where Taco John's is to the north, south to where Barnes Softball Complex is? That's a pretty big stretch of highway. Should there be a gas station?

I grew up in Loveland, and currently live in Downtown Loveland; I can't say that I've been to this gas station more than a couple of times. I call it the "Safeway" gas station, though it was never affiliated with the grocery store. It was pretty popular as a place to stop in and get sodas, snacks and cigarettes.

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I'm not saying that it's the end of the world that this gas station has ceased operation, but it does strike me at least a little peculiar that there isn't any other gas station in Downtown Loveland. If anything, it's almost like a landmark, that old station; it'll be weird to not see it there.


With Natural Grocers coming in across the street at that corner soon, maybe a new gas station will go in. Maybe it will, indeed, be a part of Safeway, this time around. I do most of my shopping there at that Downtown Safeway and am earing "gas points" that I rarely use.

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Another question: If they don't put in another, different, gas station at this location, where should one go, in Downtown? I know that there are two gas stations to the south of Downtown at Highway 402 and Lincoln, but I'm not a big fan of that one on the west side of the street; plus it's not "Downtown."

I'm not a city planner or anything, but what about putting a station a corner not far from where the gas station that closed stands.  7th and Lincoln.

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I'm not one to want to take away any parking from Downtown Loveland, but this lot on the corner of 7th and Lincoln would be a prime spot for a 7-11 or whatever. Again, I'm not an engineer or anything, so I don't know if that pad is big enough; but It would be nice.


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