You want to catch some Pokemon AND maybe a couple of beers?  This Saturday, Downtown Loveland has your hookup! They’ll be dropping lures at your favorite Loveland breweries!

‘Dropping lures.’ I’m not even exactly sure what that means when it comes to Pokemon-Go; I can only assume if somebody says their dropping them, you want to go.  Throw in beer, and now you have me listening.

It’s happening this Saturday afternoon (August 27, 2016) starting at 2:00. Four hours of lures being dropped at the four Downtown Loveland micro-breweries.

From 2-3:00 they’ll be at Big Thompson Brewery. (You may say, ‘Hey, they aren’t in Downtown’, but you’d be wrong. Downtown actually stretches to a little north of Taco Johns on 287! Crazy, right?)

From 3-4:00 they’ll be at Verboten Brewing.

From 4-5:00 they’ll be at Loveland Aleworks

And from 5-6:00 they’ll be at Crow Hop Brewing.

At each of the locations, they’ll have beer specials, Pokemon and Lure modules for you trainers.  With any luck, you MIGHT see a full-size Pikachu, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

After the Pokemon bar crawl wraps, at six, you can stick around Downtown and catch the Broncos take on the Rams at Sports Station. Sounds like a fun filled day!

Good Luck on all that hunting!