The Globetrotters have many gifts that are on display on the court wherever they go. Having had the opportunity to interview them over the years, I quickly found that their talents go well beyond the court. They are unique and special athletes and people.

This week I was blessed with a visit from Anthony "Buckets" Blakes. He's been with the Globetrotters for 16 years! Some of you might remember him as a member of the Wyoming Cowboys basketball team.

Our interview time was supposed to be around 3 minutes. He was so much fun and interesting, the interview lasted about 10 minutes.

In the first edition of "Doc's Pod", we have the full interview with "Buckets" where he talks about his career at Wyoming, pro ball, and his invite to play with the Globetrotters. He also goes behind the scenes with the Globetrotters and talks about teaching the new players how to be a Globetrotter, how the former players are still involved with the organization, and some of the world records that he and the Globetrotters have set. It's a fun and entertaining interview. I hope you enjoy it!

Don't forget...The Globetrotters will be at the Budweiser Events Center on March 16th!

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