Radio can be a fickle business. It's rare to have a job with one company and in one town for an extended period of time. The fact that Brian & Todd have done this speaks volumes to their talents, personality, and to their commitment to the community. They are a rare breed indeed and well deserving of their long running tenure as the top morning show in Northern Colorado.

Here are my stops along the way to landing in NoCo.

Sparta, TN: It's situated between Nashville and Chattanooga. In Sparta, they had State Parks and trails that led to spectacular waterfalls. They also celebrated "Corn Pone Day" in June every year. Corn Pone is basically corn bread. Why they celebrate it? No one could tell me. Actually, they looked at me kind of weird when I asked.

Fort Walton Beach, FL: Sandy white beaches and emerald green water. It was phenomenal! It was also very hot and humid in the summer. We also had to do battle with tropical storms and hurricanes. In 1995, most of the area evacuated before hurricane Opal landed. That was a devastating storm. I was never so scared for bad weather until then. Even still.

Salt Lake City, UT: It is a beautiful town. Mountains surround the city. World class skiing is about 40 minutes from your front door. It is a different town due to the heavy Mormon influence. There are strict rules on drinking at local bars and restaurants and they're not big on coffee. During the time I lived there, finding a good hot cup of coffee could be challenging.

Albuquerque, NM: Coming from Salt Lake, Albuquerque was an explosion of culture for me. There is Mexican, Native American, and American cowboy culture all over the place. If you watched "Breaking Bad", you have an idea of the layout of the town. It is high desert and very arid. It may not get as hot as Phoenix, but it was close.

Lincoln, NE: "It's a great place to raise your kids". I'm sure the same can be said of a lot of Midwestern towns. In this case, it was true. Lots of good people who love Nebraska, corn, and their Huskers. It was tough living there while not being a Husker fan, but the corn was delicious and the beef was the best I've ever had.

Finally, Fort Collins, CO: I landed in Northern Colorado when Sonny Lubick was still coaching the Rams and two years before the "Balloon Boy" hoax. I immediately fell in love with the area. Mountains nearby, good people everywhere, the best summer conditions I've ever experienced (hot during the day, but cool evenings), and unique little towns within 30 minutes of each other that collectively make up Northern Colorado. Other than the beach in Florida, Northern Colorado offers a little of everything that I had experienced on my journey here. I believe that's why I felt at home the day I got here. It is home. And I plan on keeping it that way for a long time.

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