Just a few years ago, we would've listed the Foothills Mall as one of Colorado's "dead malls". But it's now moved off that list to the "reincarnated" list.

One website that has caught my eye for many years is the website known simply as Dead Malls. This is where people from all across the country list their experiences at different malls throughout America, and give us their thoughts on whether a mall is dead or not.

When looking at the list of malls that are listed as "dead" in Colorado, we did notice that some updating needs to be made as the Foothills Mall goes through it's renovation.

But there are also malls listed on there that deserve to be there. Maybe because they no longer exist, or it would be better for them not to exist at all.

So here are five malls that the Dead Malls website lists as essentially being dead in Colorado.

Do you remember when these malls were in their "glory days"?