Have you ever gone to see a movie by yourself?

I sure have. Many, in fact. Am I masturdating? No, because for me, seeing a movie is not necessarily a date.

Yes, people go to the movies on dates, but that's not the only time, or reason to go to a movie.

If the movie is supposed to be really good, then watching the movie is about watching the movie. Once the trailers are done I could be sitting next to an elephant and it wouldn't make a difference. Well, it would make a difference for the first few minutes, because sitting next to an elephant isn't a common thing. So I'd enjoy it. But once I was used to sitting next to the elephant, I'd just go back to watching the movie.

Yes, I have gone to see movies by myself. Like, all of the Lord of the Rings movies. I went with someone the first time. The second time? All by myself.

I have not yet, but plan to see Star Wars, all by myself. For me, it's not about if I have someone to go with, but are the available during the random daytime matinee that I decide to attend? Often, they are not.

I'd say 'by my lonesome', but there was no 'lonesome' about it. I was content, locked in to the film, present in a moment that a team of people created for my experience.