How much do you hate spiders? Well, they have an important role to play in our eco-system as do all creatures, including prairie dogs.

These guys are major road kill all throughout Colorado and farmers, ranchers and developers claim that they are a nuisance that is overpopulated.

On the contrary, its humans that have destroyed their home and now they have nowhere to go, as is the story with most animals. estimates that 95 percent of natural prairie dog habitat has been destroyed.

Prairie dogs are a food source for many animals, they also create colonies that benefit approximately 150 of Colorado's other beautiful species.

Emma Balunek is a Fort Collins photographer who recently helped relocate prairie dogs from a real estate development in Fort Collins to Cathy Fromme Natural Area. Balunek said, on, prairie dogs' burrows protect millions of songbirds and other animals.

So before you give these charismatic little guys the cold shoulder, remember, we are all here for a reason with not one reason.

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