One deputy and one inmate were treated for injuries on July 9, following an incident that took place inside of the Larimer County Jail.

After learning that his cell had been searched Thursday morning, inmate, Daniel Eric Jelosek, threatened to kill deputies. Deputies attempted to restrain Jelosek, but he proceeded to fight them and kicked one deputy in the face multiple times.



Deputies were eventually able to control the inmate and moved him to the booking area.

The deputy was treated and cleared at a local hospital for a minor head injury and abrasions on the arm.

Daniel Jelosek was treated by jail medical staff for a minor head injury that occurred while fighting.

The inmate was initially arrested by Fort Collins Police on March 4, 2020 for Stalking, Violation of a Restraining Order, and Parole Revocation. New charges will be filed against Jelosek for assaulting a peace officer.

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