If you like sports, then you're in one of the best possible spots. WalletHub.com has released their annual list of "Best Sports Cities". Looking at 5 sports (football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer) they determined where it's best to be a sports fan.

Denver came in at number ten on the list out of 418 cities. The top 10 best cities to be a sports fan are:


New York

Los Angeles




Washington, D.C.


Oakland, California


Broken down by specific sports, the list looks like this:

Football: Pittsburgh, then Boston, Green Bay, Dallas, and New York.

Basketball: Boston, L.A., Oakland, San Antonio, and Salt Lake City.

Hockey: Boston, then Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and New York.

Baseball: New York, followed by L.A., St. Louis, Boston, and Chicago.

Soccer: Los Angeles, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Portland, and Seattle


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