If you are a practicing Catholic, you have no doubt encountered quite the conundrum with St. Patrick's Day falling on a Friday during Lent.

Corned Beef Meal
Charles Brutlag

Friday's during Lent are usually reserved for no meat. So, what's a Catholic to do when it comes to diving into some corned beef and cabbage, a St. Patrick's Day tradition?

No need to save that corned beef for Saturday or eat it early on Thursday. Many dioceses in America are giving out special dispensations to allow Catholics permission to chow down on corned beef without violating Lent.

In fact, there are only two of the 179 dioceses that have not given the thumbs up to corned beef. Which two? Denver and Lincoln, NE. If you are unsure how yours feels, contact them to find out. Some people have said they will skip the meat on Saturday to make up for it.


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