You could offer your congratulations to K9 Teg, but if he could talk he would tell you he was just doing his job.

Earlier this week, Teg was in on a big drug bust in Delta County and performed his job to perfection. Here is how it all went down.

According to the Delta County Sheriff's Office, sheriff's deputies responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle early in the morning. As a result of that initial contact, K9 Teg and his handler Sergeant Sanders were called in to assist in the investigation.

K9 Teg conducted the standard exterior air sniff around the outside of the vehicle and detected the odor of illegal narcotics/controlled substances inside. A search of the vehicle then turned up quite a stash of drugs, paraphernalia, and cash. Officers found 20 grams of meth, 1 gram of heroin, small digital scales, and nearly $30,000 cash.

The driver and lone occupant of the vehicle, an adult male was taken into custody. The man was arrested on multiple felony charges.

It may seem like a small amount of drugs and cash - relative to how drug busts often go -but, you win the war on illicit drugs one bust at a time and it all adds up. And while we don't know how long the suspect will be incarcerated, but, at least for now, it's taking one more bad drug dealer off the streets. No doubt, K9 Teg will have more opportunities in the future to take advantage of his training in helping Delta County law enforcement in their war on drugs in the county.

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