One of my best friends lives in Puerto Rico, she is easily one of the best cooks I know and has a real gift for flavor and recipe building. When I saw this story, I instantly thought of her and now I'm craving Puerto Rican food.

In true Puerto Rican fashion, it's a family affair at the Rocky Mountain Coqui, which is a mini-mobile eatery serving NoCo.

According to the Coloradoan, this food truck is a narrow 12-foot-long trailer run by a mother and her two adult children.

The only food truck of its kind, Rocky Mountain Coqui serves authentic Puerto Rican food where "all the recipes are how we'd make them in our home," stated Sergio A. Torres. Torres is a certified dietician and CSU grad; he runs the kitchen while his sister, Maria and also a CSU grad, takes orders, helps cook and runs the business' social media accounts.

Their mother, Pilar De Jesús, is in charge of the business handlings and said that running a food business, "had always been a bucket-list item".

Rocky Mountain Coqui has something for everyone, from meat lovers to vegans this family-owned operation will make you feel at home.

Rocky Mountain Coqui sits in front of the Recycled Cycles parking lot at 4031 S. Mason St. on Friday and Saturday.

As the truck moves around NoCo, you can find their most up-to-date location on the Rocky Mountain Coqui Facebook  page.

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