Have you heard of #FridaysForFuture? Its the global movement lead by, Swedish, sixteen-year-old climate activist and Ted Talk alumna, Greta Thunberg who is living with Aspergers.

Last year she was inspired by the youth walk outs in the U.S. for gun reform. She asked her peers to join her as she sat in front of Swedish Parliament in 2018 but everyone turned her down, so she sat alone.

Fast forward one year and millions of youth and adults across the world are storming the streets for climate action, with Greta leading the charge. It just goes to show that one person can make a difference.

There have been conspiracy's that Greta is being paid to push climate action but I have been following her story very closely, as I myself am an activist, and I can assure you this girl is the real deal.

Per the Coloradoan, Colorado State University freshman and organizer, Ehret Nottingham, opened the recent NoCo climate strike by declaring five demands:

  1. AOC's green new deal
  2. Respect of indigenous land and sovereignty
  3. Environmental justice for all
  4. Protection and restoration of biodiversity
  5. implement sustainable agricultural practices

"Here's what you can do," activists shared:

  • Take the bus, bike or carpool
  • Go vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian
  • Reduce electricity at home
  • Recycle
  • Shop sustainably

The next strike is scheduled for this Friday at The Oval at CSU.

For more information, follow @nococlimatestrike on Instagram.

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