By no means will I ever get political. This is far beyond politics. I did not serve our country. I was rejected by the Navy the morning I was supposed to leave for Basic Training for medical reasons. I have the utmost respect for our service men and women. If you serve, and are injured during your service you should be taken care of for the rest of your life, no questions asked.

We have all read the stories of the horrors that happen in and around the V.A. hospitals. It looks like this is finally a step in the right direction. The U.S. Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims has ruled that the The Department of Veterans Affairs has been wrongfully denying claims from veterans who visited non-VA hospitals and ER's for treatments and must reimburse those veterans.

According the this NBC News article and estimates by the VA this ruling could be worth betwenn 1.8 and 5 billions dollars. The United States spends $693 billions a year with the Department of Defense. I'm pretty sure 5 billion of that can be used to help our veterans.

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