Northern Colorado loves coffee. It is as intertwined into our lifestyles as pets, bikes, and beer. You wouldn't have to hike or bike far before finding a coffee house of the local or corporate variety. Perhaps you have a favorite spot? Is it the taste of the coffee? Is it the atmosphere and a social spot? Is it quick and friendly service?

Cafe X has a new barista. This one doesn't talk, but it does take orders. It also has a name: Gordon. It can whip up a latte in seconds, and according to some, it's fantastic! It can serve up to 120 drinks an hour and take orders from the touchpad at the kiosk, or you can pre-order via a phone app with most orders filled and ready in about 10 seconds!

This new coffee service can be found in San Francisco and Hong Kong right now, but it's not too hard to imagine given our love of the java, that Gordon could soon be serving up hot coffee at a location in Northern Colorado.

For those that insist that coffee shops are social settings with human contact and that it's okay to wait for good coffee, tell that to your Keurig. I bet you have one.



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