It is pretty awesome to look out the window and see that picture-perfect "winter in Colorado" postcard image. It seems like we have gotten to see that more than usual this winter.

Here we are in January and weather forecasters are saying a "major snowstorm is headed for the Front Range." That's what I heard on Denver 7 Sunday night. Tuesday afternoon is when that heavy snow is expected to start.

The National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Watch that says we should expect "snow accumulations between 5 and 10 inches."

Weather Underground is predicting closer to 5 inches for Fort Collins and around 7 for areas south of Denver. Southwest Colorado, near Durango, is predicted to get the most accumulation from this storm with 10 to 16" expected.


I guess we can't complain after seeing those pictures of Mammoth Mountain in California which is dealing with feet and feet and feet of snow.

I grew up in Colorado and the phrase was always February and March are our snowiest months, the Denver Post agrees. They reported that "Denver’s long-term average of 6.6 inches of January snowfall isn’t anything to sneeze at, it’s actually the least snowy month of the winter on average (December-February)."

There are 64 days until Spring. A lot could happen between now and then. If this trend of significant snowfall every few days continues, then this could be a pretty memorable season. In the back of our minds, we are all saying "we need the snow because we are in a drought" and in the front of our minds we are saying "I just want to ride my bike in a t-shirt."

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