As we established last year, at least in Fort Collins, you can't just let your cat roam free anytime you feel like they need a little fresh outdoor air. In fact, that city ordinance has led to some creating "catios" - outdoor cat patios - off their houses.

But did you know, in spite of how you think it might actually go, cats can actually be trained to walk on a leash?

Enter "Marvin the Cat" into the conversation. He's a Colorado resident, owned by a woman named Sarah Benson, who also has a little corgi dog. Marvin was a stray that wandered up in 2007 and ultimately convinced Sarah to let him in the house when the weather started getting colder. Nobody replied to flyers she posted around town that she had found a missing cat, and so, she adopted him. Or, did he adopt her? Either way, they've been inseparable ever since.

Marvin is unique because he still craves the outdoors, even though Sarah now lives in an apartment without a yard. So she had to come up with an idea to get him out and about to enjoy the air. Then it hit her: if the dog can go out for walks on the leash, why can't the cat?

She got him a harness and started training him to use it, and now he's a regular cat about town as he goes out with her and his dog sister for frequent strolls. She says he's very friendly and everyone likes to stop and see him.

And now he's even more popular as he's been featured by Today, including a ton of information on how to make YOUR cat leash friendly too.

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