I have been a fan of Conan O'Brien for a long time. I was more of a 'tune in to Late Night Talk if nothing else is on' kind of viewer, until the drama at NBC unfolded last year with Jay Leno handing over the reins to the Tonight Show to Conan, only to have them taken back a few months later. It's intriguing to me to watch high powered executives attempt to make decisions based on what will bring them the most money while seemingly ignoring quality, talent, and doing the right thing. When Conan was cut free from NBC, I thought it would be great, because he would no longer have to fit into a 'mold' to please certain demographics and would be able to do what makes him funny; that is, use his off the cuff humor and be silly. It's what makes Conan Conan.

The first few shows had painful moments, but after his ratings came in on Wednesday morning, he seemed to gain a bit of confidence. After it was confirmed that millions of people actually are watching and the first shows aired without the studio collapsing, things have seemed to smooth out. It looks like Conan and supporting crew may now feel a bit better about getting into the groove of writing great shows, taking chances, and just having fun making great late night TV.