50 people will be staffing Colorado's vaccine hotline to better help those who are having trouble finding where to get their COVID-19 shots.

According to Denver 7, the hotline is already operational but not 24 hours a day. The phone number 1-877-268-2926 (1-877-Co-VAX-Co) will be an all-day/everyday operation beginning on February 1, 2021.

Denver 7 spoke with the COVID-19 Incident Commander who stated that the hotline will provide information, based on the callers' zip codes on what providers have the shots available, and get the callers the providers' phone numbers/websites, all to help narrow down locations so that callers can get their shots a soon as possible.

Colorado is currently in Phase 1A & 1B of vaccinations, including those in the general public who are 70 and older. Older persons sometimes have trouble accessing the internet or do not have internet, so this hotline can be very useful.

I don't have anyone in my immediate family over the age of 70, but once Colorado moves into Phase 2 and Phase 3 of vaccinations, the hotline will continue to provide information to callers, which would more apply to my circle of friends and family.

It's good that there's a number to reach out to to get information as quickly as possible, whenever needed.

Get more on the hotline and it moving to 24/7 staffing from Denver 7 HERE.

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