Over the weekend I was searching for a great book to read. As I scrolled through the list of New York Times' Bestsellers (because if it's not on that list, it doesn't exist), I scrolled through numerous YA books.

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Romance? Next. Fantasy? Keep scrolling. Mystery? Eh. Maybe. True Crime? Whoa. Hold up! Yes. Endless descriptions promise to rivet, thrill, and keep me guessing until the final page; that is if I can stomach the gruesome, heart-racing, shocking moments leading to the climax. I live in the year 2016; I think I can handle it. It's not that I have a fascination with the macabre because I don't, I am however fascinated with serial killers. Before you cast instant judgment, which is entirely okay, let me say I don't ever want to be one nor do I want to be serial killed. Heck, I don't even kill bugs, I relocate them to the outdoors.

I feel pretty safe saying that serial killers fascinate me since we live in a society where serial killers have become a pop culture phenomenon. I read an article in "Psychology Today" following my Google search "Is it weird I'm fascinated with serial killers?" where the author, Scott Bonn, makes a valid point, "Exaggerated depictions of serial killers in the mass media have blurred fact and fiction. As a result, real-life killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer and fictional ones like Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter have become interchangeable in the minds of many people." All in all the article did a lot to rid me of guilt with my fascination, but any story surrounding serial killers does awaken my Nancy Drew alter-ego.

And it's that alter-ego that drove me to look at Colorado's Most Notorious Serial Killers. Let me also say, not as a disclaimer, but because I want you to know, I am not fascinated with mass shooters/shootings. My heart breaks for the victims of any killer and the families and friends of victims. I'm not interested in the killing because, ew, blood, I'm interested in the psychology of the why and how did this person get to this point, probably because I cannot comprehend it.


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