Tens of thousands of people in Colorado have been helped by the health volunteers that would come to town; that endeavor has come to an end.

It's hard to imagine the 9Health Fair not happening, anymore. Many of us know of at least one person whose life was improved, if not saved, by these free (or very inexpensive) tests being so readily available.


Many Coloradans will remember the 9Health Fair coming to a local elementary school, or community center. These great medical volunteers would come and provide preventive health screenings.

It would always be great to see the amount of people that came out to see "what condition their condition was in."

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On a personal note, it was at one 9Health Fair that happened in Windsor, that a co-worker was alerted to his own health issues.

Since the radio station was helping to sponsor the event, we were given free blood draws; they would send you the results later in the mail. This co-worker's results were so alarming, that they called him and had him make and immediate appointment.

Bill went to the doctor, and they helped him out. If not for the 9Health Fair coming to town, who knows how much shorter Bill's (who did pass away a few years later) life would have been.


The 9Health Fair, which was actually re-branded to 365 Health, announced in late August of 2023, that after 43 years, the organization would be shutting down.

'It is with mixed emotions that we announce the closure of 365 Health,' said John Kelley, Vice Chair of the 365 Health Board. 'We are incredibly proud of the positive changes we have brought to countless lives in our community. However, the decision to close was reached after thorough evaluation of the challenges we face in continuing to meet evolving needs in a sustainable manner.'

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