Summertime is upon us, and that means taking the dogs out for a walk in the park.  However, if your pup is anything like these dogs below, they're more excited about the fact that it's finally SWIMMING WEATHER!

May means going to the lake, heading to the beach on vacay, or just popping down to the Poudre River to get your paws wet.  These dogs really have it figured out, and here's why:

1. The calm waters of an afternoon swim can be the most relaxing summer essential.

Lake days are the best days.  Keep treading, Coop!

2. Sometimes, sunbathing is more where it's at.

We aren't really sure how this little guy got there without getting soaked, but he's happy as a clam.

3. He's letting his human do the work.

This little guy doesn't have to swim at all unless he really wants to-- he's just gotta sit back, relax, and watch the water lap against the boat as they slice through the lake.

4. This guy perfectly encapsulates what it feels like to hit the water on that first hot summer day.

He's psyched.  Why wouldn't he be? He's finally getting to go swimming after a whole winter cooped up inside the house.

5. The best feeling is sticking your toes in the water after a long hike.

These pups are a little more calm and collected, but seem to be enjoying the great Colorado outdoors all the same.

6. It doesn't matter how you look when you swim as long as you're enjoying yourself.

This guy's not the most graceful swimmer in the world, but look at how much fun he's having!

8. Horsetooth is the perfect NoCo summer escape.

Rex looks like a dog model underneath the gorgeous waterfall, which happens to be right in our backyard.

9. Sometimes making your own waterfall is enough.

These guys really want that water.  How many times have I watched this in a row?

10. And sometimes the real thing is just where it's at.

OK, back to the waterfall again.  Sorry, it's just so gorgeous, especially with that cute boxer in the water.

11. Nothing can match the joy we feel when we're in the water.

Overall, Wiggles encapsulates that summer feeling pretty perfectly-- once we hop into the water, we're pretty much in our happy place.

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