I remember my first few weeks of college, when I learned that CSU offered students five free sessions of therapy at their mental health center each semester. I didn't take advantage of it until my last year, when I was dealing with the stress of finding a position right out of college.

As soon as I realized how helpful and life-changing therapy could be, I never went back. I have been making my mental health a priority ever since, and though I've had a few counselors over the years, each one has helped me in so many extraordinary ways.

That's why, when I read this story about House Bill 1258, I was floored. According to The Colorado Sun, this is a bill that will set aside $9 million to provide therapy sessions to Coloradans 18 and under through June 2022 to cope with the stresses that coronavirus has presented.

It's been a hard year for everyone, but think about the kids who have had to learn how to be an online middle or high-schooler; those who haven't seen their friends in months and those who have had to miss out on things like school dances, social lunch breaks, and even walking on their graduation day. It's been hard. 

Even as an adult, making my mental health a priority during the ups and downs of 2020 has been paramount, but offering this to kids during a developing stage in their life is a game-changer.

The bill comes from Michaelson Jenet, a Democratic representative from Commerce City, and Governor Polis himself and will hopefully be passed very soon. To read more about the bill, check out the full story from The Colorado Sun right here.  

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