After 31 years of searching, police are still on the hunt for the killer of a Colorado man.

A Facebook post from the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) states that the investigation began on February 17, 1991, when a local security guard discovered a body near the Martin Drake Powerplant. FOX21 reports that the body was lying near railroad tracks.

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According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation's (CBI) Cold Case Files, authorities identified the man as 24-year-old Rodney Kirschenmen.

On Kirschenman's body, investigators found cuts over his wrists and substantial bruising covering his face and body — an autopsy later disclosed that he died of strangulation.

After further investigation, police determined that, around 8:30 p.m. on February 16, 1991, Kirschenman was headed to Monty's Tavern — a now-defunct bar on South Tejon Street — to hang out with his friends.

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Authorities also learned that the suspect had taken some of Kirschenman's clothing during the incident.

On Friday (Feb. 18), CSPD also drew attention to the killing of Kenneth Pritchett, a Colorado Springs man who died in 2014 after being shot multiple times in the 3600 block of East Galley Road. Pritchett died at the scene.

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Witnesses of the incident told authorities that they saw several men arguing with Pritchett before his murder. Law enforcement conducted numerous interviews of potential suspects, but unfortunately, Pritchett's case is still unsolved.

If you have any information about the murders of Kirschenman or Pritchett, please contact CSPD at (719) 444-7000.

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