The weather in Colorado has been HOT so far in the early part of summer, which means you want to stay cool with great ice cream. Boulder has one of the best!

Let me introduce you to Glacier Ice Cream, who have two locations in Boulder with one on 28th Street and another on Baseline Drive.

My family and I took a trip to Boulder this past weekend so see all the street performers in action, and do some shopping along Pearl Street. While walking along Pearl, we noticed that Glacier Ice Cream had two carts setup selling the delicious dessert and also making waffle cones...RIGHT THERE.

So when we left, we had to stop at one of their locations to try it out. It was the best move we could've made.

First off, I will say that the line at Glacier Ice Cream can get long. REALLY LONG. So be prepared to wait a little bit to get yours. But the wait is well worth it.

As soon as you get in the door all you smell is the fresh delicious waffle cones that they make on site. You then see all the flavors they have, which makes the experience tough but that's because all of them sound good!

My kids ended up getting the coffee caramel crunch, birthday cake, and cappucino mini chip. I ended up staying "old fashioned" and got the cookies and creme. Let me tell you that each ice cream packed a flavor that took over your taste buds as soon as it went in.

Plus, the one thing that I noticed with the cookies and creme is that it actually had the cookie frosting inside the ice cream which is something that many places stray away from!

Glacier Ice Cream 1

The ice cream at Glacier Ice Cream has won many awards including:

  • America's Best Ice Cream - Forbes Traveler
  • CU & Boulder's Best Ice Cream - Colorado Daily
  • Best Ice Cream - Denver 5280 Magazine
  • Best Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt - Daily Camera
  • Best Dessert, Best Ice Cream - Boulder Weekly

And I am here to verify that all these awards are rightfully won, and they should probably get more as well!

They pride themselves on having at least 80 varieties on hand each time you stop in, and try to make a new flavor every two weeks. So you can always expect something different when you stop in.

Plus, since they started, they have created over 1000 flavors of ice cream. You read that right. ONE THOUSAND. They must be doing something right!

So if you're in the Boulder area, you must take a stop into Glacier Ice Cream. It is well worth the trip itself.

On a scale of 1-5 cones, I give Glacier a full FIVE. And that's hard to come by!

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