America is undoubtedly the land of free speech (recent news about the NSA aside).  But, even with your First Amendment rights, there's one thing in particular that you probably shouldn't say (even to your therapist).  One Colorado man found this out the hard way.

KUSA reports that last year, 20-year-old Mitchell Kusick of Westminster told his therapist he wanted to kill President Obama.

He could have been sentenced to several years in prison for the offense, but ended up with time served plus probation.

Arguing in support of a lighter sentence, prosecutors conceded that they could not have brought this case against Kusick in some other federal court circuits because the case was based solely on a statement made to his doctor.


Now, on one hand, I kind of see this as a violation of doctor-patient confidentiality; but on the other, I'm glad the therapist went to the police so they could keep this guy from doing something terrible!  Where do you stand?

Catch more on this story in the video below...

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