Over 90% of the union members that work for King Soopers/City Market voted in favor of a strike. How will Northern Colorado react to 12,000 fewer workers there?

Denver 7 has the news that [it's] all but on. The recent talk that union members that work at King Soopers/City Market 'may be' going on strike looks like it will happen, soon, as there has been yet no agreement on a new contract.

The union asked their members what they wanted to do, and over 90% on Friday night's (March 15, 2019) vote said they agreed to a strike.

There are 12,000 workers within the UFCW Local 7 union in Colorado that work for Kings and City Market. They've been trying to work out a new contract, but cannot come to terms.

Many of our listeners have either worked at King Soopers or have family members/ friends that have had worked there as part of the union. That's what grocery stores are about- they are a part of our community.

To hear that over 90% of the union members agree that they should strike concerns me. That says that when I shop there, the people who are so friendly and work so hard, are not happy.

The report says that by the time you're done reading this, they may already be on strike.

Do you know anyone connected with the union? How do you think this will affect your shopping habits?

Get more on the strike from Denver 7 HERE.

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