Meet Riggs the dog who just hiked his second 14er and always stops to say 'hi' and take in the view. The pictures from Quandry Peak are amazing, just look.

This is Riggs, he lives in Colorado Springs and treats life like it's a party and is here to have fun, according to his mom Lori Corcoran. Riggs hasn't had it easy, he was sent to be euthanized by his previous owners who didn't have time for him anymore.

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Lori says that their trash is her treasure. She fosters animals for a rescue group out of Aspen and decided to foster Riggs about two years ago. Riggs isn't going anywhere, because she decided to adopt him.

Lori likes taking foster dogs hiking because it's a 'therapeutic way to help them heal and learn how to be dogs again before we send them on their forever homes.' Lori and Riggs recently hiked Riggs' second 14er. Here are their amazing pictures from Quandry Peak near Breckenridge and Riggs' favorite thing about hiking this 14er.

Colorado Dog Hikes His Second 14er + The Pictures Are Amazing

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