When it comes to the state of Colorado, there are plenty of reasons why we would consider the state one of the best in the nation. It could be the national parks, the food, or the thin mountain air.

Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash
Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash

Wallet Hub released a report on the best states to live in in 2022. You might be surprised to find that Colorado ranked 20th on the list. Last of the best essentially. Many factors such as quality of life, economy, affordability, health, education, and more play a factor in where a state is ranked.

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This is where Colorado ranked in those factors:

  • Affordability - 28
  • Economy - 18
  • Education and Health - 10
  • Quality of Life - 12

Colorado also ranked number five when it came to income growth. Things are not all great in the state of Colorado. It appears that there is a problem with crime in our state as Colorado has ranked in the top five when it comes to the highest crime rate.

The Best States to Live in 2022

Wallet Hub ranked the best states to live in 2022 and the top five states include:

  • Virginia - Ranked 5
  • Idaho - Ranked 4
  • New York - Ranked 3
  • New Jersey - Ranked 2
  • Massachusetts - Ranked 1

New York state ranked first place in quality of life while Massachusetts ranked first in education and health. If you would like to see the entire report, you can do so at Wallet Hub.

Source: Wallet Hub 

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