While you are starting to hear of major corporations like Target, Costco, and Starbucks drop the mask requirements within their stores for fully vaccinated employees and customers some Colorado business owners are going in the other direction. It was LEX 18, that gave us the heads up about Bar Max here in Colorado that is requesting proof of vaccine from customers and employees if they want to remove their masks and dine indoors.

The COVID-19 vaccine passport has not been accepted across the country. But the owner of Bar Max feels like if customers and employees want to remove their masks inside his bar, they need to show proof of being fully vaccinated. He feels like making this move is only going to keep other patrons safe and healthy.

Caring for Customers is Part of Why the COVID-19 Vaccine Passport is Needed for Bar Max

Beyond wanting to keep people safe the owner of Bar Max has some underlying health issues himself, and he has family members to care for, so catching the virus could become deadly for him or one of his family members. The owner believes that policies like this will help get businesses like his back to normal as quickly as possible.

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Only Time Will Tell if Customers at Bar Max Increase Due to Their COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

Obviously, there are many people that have not and will not receive the COVID-19 vaccine. I'm not certain this decision is going to help Bar Max increase profits after the pandemic hit their business pretty hard. But their owner is set on making sure all customers that come inside are fully vaccinated.

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