Baby Reese was born in Cortez last month and was born with COVID-19 antibodies. Here's how this Colorado baby already has COVID-19 antibodies in her system.

Haley Saunders decided to get a COVID-19 vaccine after doing some research about the risks of contracting coronavirus while pregnant versus risks associated with the vaccine, according to 9News. Haley received her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine when she was 36 weeks pregnant.

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Doctors found COVID-19 antibodies in Baby Reese's during a routine check-up after Haley asked if Reese could be tested for them. Alan Laird from Southwest Healthy Systems in Cortez stated that they're not sure how long the antibodies will last and that they may degrade over time, according to 9News.

Haley says that knowing that her newborn baby Reese has COVID-19 antibodies gives some strange piece of mind, even though they're not sure what this means for the future. She hopes that more pregnant women will open up about receiving the vaccine, just like she did.

The Colorado mom, Haley Saunders, says that everyone needs to do what's good for them when it comes to getting vaccinated. She has no regrets about her decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine while pregnant.

According to 9News, Haley stated that when someone asks Reese for a cool fact about herself she can say that she was on the news for being one of the first babies that was found with COVID-19 antibodies.

Reese's family is so thankful to welcome a healthy and happy child, and you can see the Colorado baby's sweet little face above.


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